This Family’s Thanksgiving Tablecloth Has 19 Years of Signatures And I Want To Do It Too

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A lady in Missouri came up with the sweetest way to celebrate family and friends each year at her Thanksgiving meal.

Deb Mills started having everyone at her Thanksgiving meal sign the tablecloth that goes over the table. It’s a sweet physical reminder of those who attended Thanksgiving together that year.

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Each year, the family and friends at her Thanksgiving meal signs their names in one certain color. They use a different color every year. This way, each of the years can be differentiated from each other .

Ms. Mills places a “key” with that year’s color on one of the edges of the tablecloth, so she will never forget who was at the meal that year.

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During the winter, Deb then embroiders the signatures into the cloth, so they are a more permanent memory for all to see.

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Some of the signatures are a priceless memory, because they are people that are no longer with them. It’s a precious reminder of previous meals shared as a family.

*SNIFF* I’m not crying, you are! That’s it. I have to learn how to embroider. It has to become a thing in my world.

The tablecloth is something that everyone looks forward to every year. It is a great conversations piece, and a lasting memory to carry over from year-to-year.

Making this family Thanksgiving tablecloth is something you could totally do, too! You would just start with a light, solid-colored, cloth tablecloth.

Have everybody at your Thanksgiving feast sign their names in one color. It could be a color that means something during the year. Maybe your favorite team won the World Series that year. You could have the names signed in the team color. OR you could have one of the children be the “Child of the Meal,” and use their favorite color. Make it fun!

This is where it gets a bit tricky — at least for me. I would probably watch some YouTube videos on how to embroider, and practice a ton before I tackle the tablecloth.

Other people have jumped on this idea, incorporating it into their own Thanksgiving celebration.

You could even do this with a table runner, if you don’t want to do an entire tablecloth! It would be a totally-cool accent piece to the table.

Will you try it, too? I absolutely LOVE this idea.

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