Experts Warn Charging Your Phone At A Public Place Could Give Hackers All Your Personal Information

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Juice Jacking — It happens when you hook up to on of those public USBs to charge your phone. You’ve seen them — and probably used them — at places like the airport or the hospital.

But, the problem is — scammers, hijakers, hackers — whatever you want to call them, can grab your personal information off your smart device when you use one of these publice charging devices. This, my friends, is known as Juice Jacking.

I know, this is like the worst news EVER. I often rely on these convenient plug-ins when I travel, or am just out-and-about, and need to quickly charge my phone.

Data hijackers can quickly attach a virus through these public USB ports that will suck all your personal information, including passwords, off your smart device.

It’s apparently becoming a big thing, but I can promise you, I don’t want it to become a big thing in my life!

How do you stop these data hackers? It’s actually quite simple. Just use your OWN cord in a WALL outlet. I know, wall outlets are sometimes not readily available, and it’s WAY less convenient, but you’d rather have your personal data safe than have it stolen.

I have started carrying around at least two portable charging devices in my purse. That way, if my device needs a charge, I just plug it in and go about my day. I don’t have to worry about those pesky data snatchers.

See the OFFICIAL notice from the Los Angeles County DA below.

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