Mountain Dew Violet From Japan is Finally Available Here in The U.S.

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Japan doesn’t get ALL the cool things. Well — they actually do — BUT they are sharing this one with the U.S.

Mountain Dew Violet is here, and it’s fabulous!

You can get this ‘uber-rare’ soda on the FYE Website for a very limited time.


It has a delicious GRAPE flavor, but that flavor is actually made with elderberries and vegetables. Sounds iffy, I know, but it is actually Totally The Bomb — see what I did there?

Elderberries actually have ginormous health benefits, but they give this soda its distinctive sweet yet tart grape taste.

“The Violet version has delicious grape flavor and contains vegetable and elderberry juice to give it a unique taste.”


This soda is a bit on the pricey side. It will run you about six bucks a can, but you HAVE to try it!

This is a way you can get the flavor of another country while staying right at home! You don’t get that opportunity very often.

The people who have tried this violet concoction are CRAZY about it.

Thank you, FYE, for making this available in the States! That is AWESOME of you.

Like I said, it’s super-rare, and FYE has very limited quantities. They will limit you to 12 cans. Pick them up while you — well — can!

Will you try it? I know I’m logging on to the FYE website, and getting a few as gifts. I’ll finally be the COOL friend — Ha!

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  1. I would like to try if they have it in hot spring Arkansas

  2. Just went to the fye site and it says currently unavailable. And according to the stores here in Tucson AZ they didnt evwn recieve it.

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