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You Can Get Spooky Easter Cookies For The Person Who Treats Every Day Like It’s Halloween

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I will admit I do love Halloween and all of the spooky things!

Would I serve spooky cookies on Easter? No, not personally, but I do know some people that totally would and this post is for them!

The post is going absolutely viral on Facebook right now, however, the poster is not the baker.

Facebook post: Batty Babyok. Cookie creation and image credit goes to: Black Magic Cakery

Black Magic Cakery is a true artist! After seeing the viral post I immediately clicked on over to her business page and WOW!

Image credit: Black Magic Cakery

In fact, I fell in love with this cake and I want it for my birthday… please and thank you to whoever can make that happen for me.

Image credit: Black Magic Cakery

I miss being creative, but I have never been a great baker. Let’s just applaud the skills this lady has, please!

A Jason Bunny Easter cookie? Are you kidding me? This is fantastic!

Image credit: Black Magic Cakery

Just look at this adorable skeleton bunny cookie!

Image credit: Black Magic Cakery

I will have to say that my favorite designs she has posted right now are the spooky movie monster Easter cookies.

Image credit: Black Magic Cakery

Her skills don’t just stop at all things spooky, no this girl can also throw down on some Disney princess cakes as well.

Check Black Magic Cakery out on Instagram and Facebook.

Image credit: Black Magic Cakery

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