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SONIC is Celebrating the Total Solar Eclipse with a Blackout Slush Float and I’m On My Way

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The Great North American Eclipse will be here soon and SONIC is ready to start the celebration early!

SONIC Drive-In is bringing up an out-of-this world experience for the Total Solar Eclipse!

The eclipse is happening on April 8, but we can start getting ready now with the NEW Blackout Slush Float that will soon be available nationwide at SONIC.


To make it even better, SONIC is giving a pair of solar eclipse viewing glasses for FREE with each purchase of the Blackout Slush Float while supplies last. Safety first!


The new Blackout Slush Float looks super cool and I can’t wait to try it with my family.

This sweet, cotton candy and dragon fruit-flavored, eclipse-inspired treat features an all-black slush base representing the temporary darkness from the solar eclipse, topped with white creamy soft serve and blue and purple galaxy sprinkles.

SONIC press release

SONIC also announced that they have about 400 SONIC locations in the path of totality!

You can find your local SONIC location and compare it to the path of totality so that you can maybe watch from SONIC while enjoying the Blackout Slush Float on April 8th!


You can go try the Blackout Slush Float at SONIC beginning March 25th for a limited time!


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