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You Can Crochet Miniature Sea Creatures and I Want To Make Them All

If there was ever anything that made me want to learn to crochet, this is it.

thewellmadewalrus/Anastasia Kirs

I love teeny tiny things! You can crochet miniature amigurumi sea creatures! Seriously, look how tiny!!

Anastasia Kirs

It’s the teeniest tiniest octopus! Smaller than a fingertip, no joke! I want it!

Anastasia Kirs

Look at the amazing amount of detail! These could be used for so many things! You could make them into a necklace, attach a pin back to it, hang them from the ceiling?? I don’t know! But I know they are cute!

Anastasia Kirs

The tentacles! I feel like I need a whole set of these in all different colors! I think I want to make a mobile with them! Guess what? The pattern is totally FREE!!

Anastasiya Mangot

You can also make a teeny tiny whale!! I’m going to need these in every single color as well!

Anastasiya Mangot

The pattern for this adorable whale is also free! I could see myself becoming addicted and collecting these! I’m in love!

Anastasiya Mangot

You can get both of these patterns for free and I can not think of many better ways to spend your time! You can find the Whale Pattern here, and the Octopus Pattern here.

Do you love the sea creatures but want something larger to cuddle? We got you covered! You can crochet a giant octopus! His name is Claude and this baby is huge!

Patchwork Moose on Etsy

The pattern for this is super affordable and so detailed! I mean, check out the bottom! So realistic! You can learn more about Claude the Octopus here.

Patchwork Moose on Etsy

Or how about this adorable turtle? I mean he could be a sea turtle right? He is so cute and his shell is removable! This one is about 6 inches and I love him! You can learn more about making this little turtle here.

Toysneed on Etsy

Donna Ebert

Monday 20th of July 2020

would love instructions for your little animal especially the turtles.

Laura Omar

Monday 11th of May 2020

I love these tiny creatures. Are you selling them? Or are you posting the patterens online?


Tuesday 12th of May 2020

Ace love them

Joyce Booth

Monday 11th of May 2020

Can't find the instructions for t/ Mimi crocheting features shown!