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Forget Highlighters, This Handheld Pen Scanner Takes Notes Digitally And Uploads Them To Your Phone

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Ok, I’m not a student, but I want this! It works like a digital highlighter, but instead of highlighting, it scans! It digitizes any text you run it over, even your own handwriting! It’s called the Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner.


My arm gets tired fast due to a disability. This scanner would make things so much easier. College students would really benefit from this! It takes notetaking to a whole different level!


You can take notes and create summaries faster than you ever have before. All that you need to do is slide it over the text like you would if you were highlighting it. It will instantly appear on the screen of your computer, tablet, or mobile device!


It is even multilingual! You can use it to translate to another language. It will even read the text aloud to you in real-time if you want.

After you have scanned, you can even edit the text using Microsoft word or one of their intuitive mobile apps.


The Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner is compatible with Mac and Windows desktop. You can also use it with Android and iOS mobile devices. Chromebooks are not supported though.


The device is lightweight and easy to keep with you. It connects via Bluetooth and has a built-in rechargeable battery that is easily charged with a USB.


You can purchase your own on Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner on Amazon for only $129! I totally think it’s worth the investment. Watch the video below to see it in action!


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