You Can Get A 3-Tier Campfire Grill For The Ultimate Cooking Experience and I Need It

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If you’re looking for an excuse to have a bonfire with your friends and family, this is the ultimate product you’ll need to have a kickin’ party sitting by the fire.

Courtesy of BREEO

It’s a three tiered cooking grill made by Breeo and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to cook up a feast to start Summer off right!

Courtesy of BREEO

And you don’t even need your own bonfire pit to start, because this company provides that for you and the set up is simple too! Simply attach the metal bar to install the Kettle and the two pans to cook up your burgers, sausages, hot dogs and whatever else you please!

Courtesy of BREEO

The first pan that is included is a cooking grate that can be utilized to cook the main meal, such as your meats.

The pan above that, specializes in roasting potatoes, scrambling eggs or frying up vegetables.

Lastly, the cauldron at the very top can be used to heat up your coffee or boil water!

Courtesy of Wayside Lawn

However, it’s totally up to you regarding what food goes where with the two cooking pans and however you wish to utilize the kettle for! Either way, your food will come out delicious and ready to serve hot!

Courtesy of BREEO

Personally I prefer my burgers and hotdogs slightly burnt, which I believe this will have no trouble providing!

If you’ve always dreamt of having your own bonfire in the backyard, keep the Breeo X Series Firemaster Package in mind!

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