Duncan Hines And Swiss Miss Just Released Hot Cocoa Cake Mix And Frosting So Bring On The Holiday Baking

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Tis’ the season because Duncan Hines and Swiss Miss have combined their brain power to invent an entirely new cake mix and a matching frosting just before the freezing cold hits!

In some states it’s already snowing and that’s why I’m happy to report that Duncan Hines and Swiss Miss have created the perfect at home sweet treat that will warm up the house and your stomach.


Here’s introducing, hot cocoa cake mix and frosting, YUM!


Starting with the new cake mix, the mixture is made with rich cocoa and only takes 3 ingredients to complete it including three eggs, a cup of water, and a half-cup of vegetable oil.

Once you see the cake rise in the oven, you can top it with the matching and flavorful Duncan Hines Swiss Miss Creamy Hot Cocoa Frosting.

Courtesy of Conagra Brands

My mouth is currently drooling.

Courtesy of Conagra Brands

A PR rep who confirmed to Best Products stated both products will be available this month with the cake mix retailing at $1.99 while the frosting will cost you $2.49.


Not too shabby for a delicious double hot chocolate cake that’s easy as CAKE (not pie) to make!


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