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The Jonas Brothers Have Just Released A New Christmas Song And It Has Me All Up In My Holiday Feels

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Now that Halloween is over, my favorite time of the year can begin. That means my tree is going up — don’t judge. And, it’s all Christmas music, all the time.

I was just checking out all the new Holiday hits, and guess what I came across. The Jonas Brothers have brought out a Holiday ballad, and — even more shockingly — I don’t hate it.

Now, I’ll admit, some of the Jonas Brothers hits have been questionable in my book. (I’m looking at you, “I Went To The Year 3000.”)

BUT, they have grown up with their music, and this new Christmas song is one of the best things they have put out, IMHO.


It is slow, it is touching, it gives you all the Holiday feels, it is everything a good Christmas balad should be!!

The Jonas Brothers Christmas tune is called “I Need You Christmas,” and it hits on all the right Holiday emotions.

You might remember, the Jo Bros brought us a more upbeat tune LAST Christmas with “Like It’s Christmas,” but they have gone the more traditional route this year — and I love it!!

With having such a crazy year, we all really need something to look forward to. The holidays is a time that brings us together and is something that brings us joy in the darkest of times.

Jonas Brothers

The trio went on to say, “For us, this song stirs up memories of childhood snowball fights and finding the nearest hill to sled. It brings us back to spending time with family setting up the Christmas tree.”

I’m telling you, they have a hit with this one.

Y’all have to see the album for this song! It is so cute. It shows the three boys as wee tots, under the Christmas tree. Definitely sentimental to the max!


Check out the song, “I Need You Christmas” below.

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