10 Clever Uses for Baby Oil

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Baby oil is cheap, available at almost every store and most people have a bottle, even if they don’t remember buying it. It’s so common, and REALLY useful–even for a number of things other than what it was intended.  Whether I had a baby or not, most of my life, I’ve had baby oil on hand just so I can do these 10 Clever Uses for Baby Oil.

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  • Unstick a Stuck Paper Shredder.

I can’t ever remember where I put that tiny bottle of oil that came with my shredder. But, if you have a paper shredder that just seems to not want to work and gets everything stuck, try putting a dew dabs of baby oil on the blades. This almost always makes mine work better and prevents jams. If there is a current jam, allow it to sit for a while to work into the paper and blades, and then proceed.

  • Remove Soap Scum.

Soap scum can be a pain, and some people (meaning me) prefer not to use harsh chemicals to clean their home (and mostly I hate the smell of chemicals–ick!). So, for stuck on scum, I use baby oil! I won’t use the whole bottle, but instead, just drip a little bit on a rag to help scrub away the scum. It comes of like a gem and then I can just follow-up with a rinse and viola! Clear, pretty tile, tub or shower surround!

  • Dust Wood Furniture, Décor, Floors–Just Don’t Slip.

Baby oil works wonders for dusting wood items–even in a hurry. Just apply a few dabs to a cloth and wipe down the area you’d like to clean and it’ll shine-on like a crazy diamond. You can also use one of those nifty removable-head mops (Swiffer, O-Cedar, etc.) with a cloth and a touch of oil to dust and shine wood floors. Just beware, its a lubricant (the word “oil” is prominent in its name), so don’t slip…

  •  Shaving (Legs, Arms, Whatever!).

Baby oil can work as moisturizing shaving cream. Similar to olive or coconut oil (but much cheaper), it will allow for a closer shave, and leave you with soft skin. It also works well for those with sensitive skin–if you get the fragrance-free variety. Even if you don’t shave WITH the baby oil, if you dab a little on after shaving, you get amazing moisture that lasts!

  •  Untangle Necklaces, or Anything That Tangles (except Christmas Lights).

Small chains are in a conspiracy together to be lame and annoying. They hang innocently in my jewelry cabinet and tangle themselves while I’m not looking…And they are not easy to untangle when it inevitably happens. Little brats. No need to panic, though, just add a drop or two of the oil to the knot in the necklace and let it sit for a minute. The knot should loosen and be easy(ier) to undo. This can also work with shoelaces and other items that tangle easily (but works best with the necklaces).

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  •  Remove Makeup Like a Baby.

Babies need makeup to be removed gently, that’s why they invented baby oil, right? Just kidding. It’s totally a gentle makeup remover. It can be used around the eyes (just not in) and aids in taking off just about any type of makeup. Plus, it leaves your skin super-moist, so you probably won’t need lotion afterward…

  •  Solve a Paint & Hair Debacle.

So, I’m no painting pro, but somehow, I end up painting my house, friends’ houses, and sometimes random acquaintances’ houses…And because I’m not that good at it, I get paint EVERYWHERE (let that be a warning). Removing paint from skin and especially hair can be difficult and painful. But I just put some baby oil on it and allow it to sit for a few minutes. It comes out far easier with some soapy water afterward versus picking it out dry.

  • Unstickifi Those Price Tags

I love reusing glass and plastic bottles and cups, but those pesky price tags that are stuck onto things–gah! There are two easy ways to remove them; either soak the item in hot soapy water for a while, or if the item can’t be soaked, use baby oil! A dab of the oil will help to remove the sticker far easier than scraping it. Let it sit for a few minutes with the oil on before taking it off for the best results.

  • Ear De-Clogger (if the problem is wax buildup).

So, sometimes, kids’ ears get clogged with ear wax (and maybe adults, too). So, if there’s a jam, a gentle and easy way to help get it de-clogged is baby oil! About 5 drops of warmed baby oil is really soothing to a clogged ear (dribbled inside while your head is down), and if you can wait 5-15 minutes, you can totally get all the nasty out with just a paper towel rubbed gently on the outside. Anything left will usually come out in the shower!

  • Keep Warm and Carry-on.

When it’s cold–like really cold outside, I add as many layers as possible. And not just clothes layers. If you put on a coat of baby oil (or vaseline, if you’re desperate), it’ll help keep you warm, since that’s a new layer! In places where it’s really really cold, this is a common trick, but for those of us that just visit cold places, it’s good to know, too!

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  1. SUCH great info- I have a great #11. It’s my #1. My 5 year old has the most beautiful mane of very long very curly hair- and wakes up w/ the worst matted bed head. If you put it in your hands and slowly work WITH YOUR FINGERS thru the matted hair- it detangles! It can take long, but it smells wonderful AND it doesn’t involve the awfully dreaded COMB.

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