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I Am Putting Up My Tree Today. Deal With It.

Oh, 2020, you evil year. We are almost to the end of you, and even though I know in my heart of hearts that the new year won’t magically switch over and things go back to normal, I can hope for it.

And so, I am ready to celebrate Christmas. Big time. I want to drink peppermint cocoa by the fire, roast some chestnuts, and maybe even sing a carol or two.

It took this poopstorm of a year for me to realize that it is perfectly okay. So, today, the day after Halloween, my tree is going up.

I realize there’s a whole ‘nother holiday to celebrate thankfulness and eat turkey in the middle there that I am just glossing over. I know that we traditionally stuff our faces with cranberry sauce and pecan pie before we pull out the twinkle lights and reindeer, but this year I am breaking all the rules.

Couple in love, wearing Santa hats, decorating Christmas tree. Man giving a piggyback ride to his girlfriend while she places Christmas star on the top of the Christmas tree

So, this morning I pulled out the ornaments and the tinsel, and I am decking the halls my friend. They say those who decorate for Christmas are generally happier anyway.

And I am all about the happy. Who’s with me? Who’s spending their afternoon jamming out to chipmunks singing jingle bells and santa hats everywhere?