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Frosting Christmas Tree Boards Are The Hot New Food Trend For The Holidays

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I love a good food board.

Whether it’s a Charcuterie Board, a Chiliceuterie Board, a Butter Board, a Vegetarian Board, a Cream Cheese Board, or one of the many Decorative Boards for the holidays — just give me all the food boards.

There is now a genius idea for a new type of food board, just in time for Christmas, and I’m totally making one for the first holiday party of the season.

Frosting Christmas Tree Food Boards are the sweet treat you didn’t even know you needed at your Christmas party.

They are super simple to make, and look like you spent hours designing a fancy food board for your guests.

You can make your own frosting, or keep it simple and buy a ready-made frosting from the grocery store — like one of the many Duncan Hines varieties.

How To Make A Christmas Tree Frosting Board

You are going to need:

  • Green Frosting
  • Chocolate Frosting
  • Sprinkles
  • All Kinds Of Goodies To Dip Into Your Frosting Christmas Tree

First, you’re going to gather your frostings. You will need a green frosting for the tree and a brown frosting for the tree trunk. (Or you can simply forgo the tree trunk, and just make a tree.)

Around Christmas, you can find Green Frosting at the store, and of course, you can always find Chocolate Frosting sitting on the shelves.

To design your Christmas Tree, you can get fancy, and use a Piping Bag with Tips.

Or, you can keep it simple and just use a spoon or knife to create the look of the tree by kind of smearing the frosting onto the board.

Now, decide on a Food Board that’s going to display your Christmas Tree creation. You want it large enough to hold the tree and all your tasty goodies that you’re going to dip into the tree.

Clean it off really well — soap and water, people — and get all your tree making supplies together.

Start with the green frosting.

Whether you are using a piping bag or just smearing the frosting onto the board, you want to do so in a big triangle pattern — like a Christmas Tree.

Then, if you are making a tree trunk, use the chocolate frosting to make a little rectangle at the bottom of your tree.

Take your Sprinkles, and cover that tree in colorful accouterments. You want it to look like Christmas Ornaments.

Now, surround that tree with all types of yummy goodies to dip into your Christmas Frosting Tree.

Some Ideas For Dippers

  • Pound Cake Squares
  • Strawberries
  • Bananas
  • Cheesecake Squares
  • Brownies

The ideas are basically endless. Just pick your favorite things, and go for it.

The only thing left to do is serve it to your guests, and wait for the “Ooohs” and “Ahhhs.”

This Frosting Christmas Tree is a crowd-pleaser for sure!!

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