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‘Cream Cheese Boards’ Are The New Charcuterie Board And They Are Absolutely Fabulous

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Move over butter boards.

There’s a new creamy food board in town, and it is totally delish!

Cream Cheese Food Boards are the new TikTok viral trend, and you need to make one this holiday season.

These boards are totally simple to make, and look fancy as hell.

How To Make A Cream Cheese Food Board

First, you just grab your favorite cream cheese.

I go with a nice neufchatel cheese, but you can get the regular cream cheese if you want. Both work perfectly.

Now you are going to smear it — nice and thick — onto a board using a knife or the back of a spoon.

If a board doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you can definitely use a plate to make your beautiful creamy creation.

Next, you’re going to top it with stuff. You can pretty much do whatever you want here.

Go for sweet. Go for savory. Do one of each. You do you!!

Some ideas for toppings would be:

Chives and Roasted Garlic
Bacon, Cheese, and Chives
Pumpkin Butter and Pecans
Cucumber, Radish, and Red Onion
Sliced Apple, Caramel Drizzle, and Peanuts
Pomegranate Seeds, Pecans, and a Drizzle of Honey

Basically, if it sounds good to you, do it!

Now, you want to surround your cream cheese with dippers: Sliced Apples, Crusty Bread, Fancy Crackers, etc.

Don’t forget to take a picture. I want to see it, and know how it turns out.

What yummy cream cheese combinations can you come up with?

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