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Crayola Now Sells Flowers That Help Support Different Non-Profit Organizations

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Move over crayons, Crayola is now in the business of selling crazy beautiful flowers.

Crayola is typically known as the go-to company when buying the best, most vibrant crayons out there.

But, now Crayola has branched out into the flower business, and you’re going to want to think of them the next time you need flowers for a special occasion.

Not only are these flowers amazing in and of themselves, but they serve a dual purpose.

Instead of just selling flowers when they’re needed, why not unite this idea of color and creativity with spreading kindness.

Warren Schorr, senior vice president of business development, global licensing and experiences

According to Yahoo, these flowers “will also double as a fundraising platform, with 10%-50% of every direct sale donated to a participating charity or entity chosen by the customer.”

The way it works is, different nonprofit organizations will have a floral storefront on the Crayola Flowers page.

Crayola Flowers

You go through this storefront to decide which charity you want your floral sale to go towards.

The list of charities is rather amazing.

Crayola Flowers

You can choose from The Maui Strong Fund, One Tree Planted, The Humane Society, Autism Speaks, Wounded Warrior Project, St. Judes, and quite a few others.

The websites will tell you a little bit about the organization, and then you can choose to buy your flowers based on which organization you want to support.

Crayola Flowers

Each bouquet is reasonably priced from $49 to $150, and they are all gorgeous!

They come from fresh flower farms across the U.S., and are delivered directly to your loved ones.

Crayola Flowers

The platform offers toolsets with which [non-profits] can set the parameters of the campaign, such as the landing page, the bouquet options that we already offer, set the prices, set the beginning and end dates of the campaign, add and send automated emails about it.

Warren Schorr, senior vice president of business development, global licensing and experiences

Get this. Not only is there a list of organizations you can support, but different non-profits can actually set up their own Crayola Flower storefronts, sell flowers, and raise money for their campaigns!

You can go check out the flowers and the non-profit entities you can support at Crayola Flowers.

Crayola Flowers

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