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These Scissors Are The Most Genius Way To Insert Or Remove Bra Pads And Your ‘Girls’ Will Thank You

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One of the most annoying things women have to deal with are removable pads in our bras. OH.MY.GOSH! It makes me totally lose my **insert bad word here**! I’m not even kidding. Trying to get those things back in is a freaking nightmare and will ruin my whole day.


Recently, my daughter Lauren sent me a video of a life-changing contraption she found, it was an instant add to cart and it’s currently on it’s way to our home. Just wait, you’ll want one too.


It’s called ‘The Cup Claw’ and has to be one of the best inventions ever. No more freaking out over trying to get those pads back into your bra and positioned correctly.


How They Work

Basically, this scissor-like contraption holds your pad inserts so that you can fit them in that teeny tiny opening that your bra or swimsuit has. Then you can release the pad while flattening it out in the correct position inside. GENIUS!


Such a great idea! I hope everyone gets one of these so they can see for themselves. I can’t believe it but now the normally frustrating task of inserting bra cups into my sports bra has become a sort of an exciting activity! Lol! Such a clever idea! I no longer dread the exercise of it at all.

Jackie Beach – Amazon Reviewer

This product is amazing! I don’t have to struggle with the pads on my sport bras or bathing suits anymore! It took me a couple to tries to figure it out. I watched the videos a few times (super helpful!) and then got it! Now it takes me only a few seconds to flatten out the pads. I definitely recommend this product!

Amazon Customer Review

You can even use it to place filters in your masks depending on how they are made. I’m thinking these would be great unique gifts at Christmas! People will love you! You can buy “The Cup Claw” on Amazon! Watch the video below to see how it works!


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