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You Can Paint Pinecones to Look Zinnia Flowers For A Centerpiece That Doesn’t Require Water

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Summer is the season of planting and for those of you without the green thumb, don’t panic.

There’s still a simple way to have flowers in your home without the worry of seeing them wilt.

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And the secret, is pinecones and paint.

That’s right, you can paint pinecones to look exactly like Zinnia flowers to make for a beautiful centerpiece in your home.

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And even though these pinecones may look like the real deal, you don’t have to worry about watering them.

So grab your paint and search for a handful of pinecones from your backyard; you can also find packs of pinecones online at Amazon if that’s easier.

Courtesy of @HiddenMeadowBoutique

While painting your pinecones, you’ll want to use colors that are typically associated with the Zinnia plant.

Reds, pink, oranges, and yellows should do the trick!

Courtesy of @HiddenMeadowBoutique

Paint each pinecone a solid color and leave the center or in this case, the smooth surface one of the end’s of your pinecone to be colored yellow.

Your finished result should look very similar to the Zinnia flower!

Courtesy of @HiddenMeadowBoutique

To make sure the paint doesn’t crack, spray each pinecone with a clear gloss to protect your craft which can also be found here, on Amazon.

Courtesy of @HiddenMeadowBoutique

Although if you’re also the type of person who doesn’t prefer crafts, you can always grab a pack of pre-painted pinecones online at Etsy that also look exactly the Zinnia plant!

And just incase you are lucky enough to have that green thumb, you can also find Zinnia seeds online at Amazon to plant outside.

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