Taylor Swift Performed Until 2 AM in The Pouring Rain Proving She’s The GOAT

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Look I’m not the biggest Taylor Swift fan (mostly just because it’s not my choice of music) but I have to say, she is the GOAT.

There is no denying that Taylor Swift is quite talented and an amazing performer but she just brought a whole new meaning to “the show must go on”.

Last night, Taylor Swift performed in Nashville and a four-hour lightning storm delay threatened to cancel the concert entirely.

Fans ended up having to shelter inside the concert venue or in their cars for hours until the lightening storm passed.

But ya know, T-Swift wasn’t having it. After all, she couldn’t let her diehard Swifties down (Taylor Swift fans).

And that’s when she decided that she would still perform in the pouring rain…

And no, we aren’t just talking a light sprinkle…

It was POURING rain and she just continued doing her thing. Seriously, check out the video below.

Not only did she perform, but can we just give kuddos to her makeup artist? Like her makeup still looked killer.

Also, Taylor looked incredible even being sopping wet.

Not to mention, the concert went on until 2 AM due to the 4-hour delay.

Kuddos to her for showing her fans how many she’s love them and the lengths in which she is willing to go to put on a great show!

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