To The Senior Class of 2020, We Are So Sorry!

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As a homebody, I didn’t even think about how this is all affecting normal people that like to do things. Like students, especially the Senior class of 2020!

I am so sorry that your last bit of high school has been so impacted. I didn’t even think of all of the teenagers that are excited about the last bit of high school. Until now, and I am truly sorry.

We homeschool, and while homeschool prom for my girls is rescheduled… it wasn’t canceled. So yea, it may be a few months longer to wait, but they still get to go. I don’t know if you will get to go to prom and I am sorry.

Everything is closing. I know it is scary. Your schools are closed. You are having to do your assignments from home and it is all new and different and even stressful.

Your sporting events are canceled. Some of them being the last games you would have played with your high school teammates. I know that is a huge part of your life and I am so sorry.

You have worked so hard to get to this point. You were ready for graduation. Many of you won’t be able to walk the stage to get your diploma and I am so very sorry.

I’m so sorry about all that you had looked forward too and may miss out on. The plans you had that may not happen. Spring break, sports, class, the last dance of high school, graduation and more I am sure.

We see you and we know what you have given up and we are so sorry.

We just want you to know that we care and we see you.

Things will get better, but we know you won’t get the time back that you lost. We are so sorry.

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  1. I am sorry Trinity Farmer! You have a lot to forward to.

  2. Thank You! Being the grandmother of a Senior, my Heart goes out to not only my grandson, but to Every Senior out there! They went to school for 12+ yrs only to miss the most important things in the most Important year of their lives! Again, Thank You!