Target Is Selling an LED Silver Twig Tree You Can Put in Your Yard For The Holidays

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They say that those who decorate early for Christmas are happier, now whether or not that’s true, it does give us a reason to decorate for the holidays earlier, for those of us who are itching to set up the tree.

And this year, an outlet is all you’ll need to get the tree up and ready.

Don’t believe me?

This holiday season, Target is selling a delicate, cold-toned Christmas tree in the color silver.

Courtesy of Target

What’s simply the perfect tree to match your Christmas home decor, you can expect this holiday tree to illuminate a crystal white and a cool blue mix, a color that might just remind you of a glistening sheet of snow when lit.

Courtesy of Target

Standing at 48 inches tall, this Christmas tree is natural looking, a holiday sculpture that features more of a realistic look with bare branches rather than a fake tree with pine needles.

Did I also mention that each branch also comes equally dressed in LED lights, with a total of 480 white bulbs on this holiday tree, talk about a picture perfect Christmas tree.

Courtesy of Target

So if you’re craving a Christmas tree that exudes perfection this year with a short setup, you can find this LED holiday tree currently stocked at Target.

Let the Christmas preparations, begin!

Courtesy of Target

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