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Halloween Trees Are This Year’s Hottest Holiday Trend and I’m Busting Mine Out Today

Sure, Christmas is a few months away but we all could use some holiday cheer NOW, right?

So many people agree with that statement that they are taking Christmas trees and turning them into Halloween trees by decorating them with cute or spooky Halloween decorations!

Yup, it might be 3+ months away but it’s time to bust out the Halloween decorations. Oh, and the Christmas tree!

People are turning their Christmas Tree’s into Halloween Trees and honestly, I’ve been doing this for years – where has everyone else been? LOL.

Not going to lie, I am ready for Fall weather and maybe it’ll bring that extra bit of fall-like goodness to my home if I put up my Halloween decorated Christmas tree now.

From cutesy to creepy, people really are going all out on these trees!

I mean, my Halloween decorations serve as Christmas too because they are The Nightmare Before Christmas theme so I can keep them up even longer!

I guess this is my long way of telling you, you now have an excuse to bust out the Halloween decorations already! So, go for it!

All you need is a tree, halloween decorations and some lights.

I cannot wait to see what you come up with!