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Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson Have Been Released From Hospital After Testing Positive For The Coronavirus

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have both been released from the hospital after testing positive for the Coronavirus!


As many of you know by now, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have both tested positive for the Coronavirus. The couple has been undergoing treatment at a hospital in Australia, since last Thursday.

They have both remained totally positive throughout the whole ordeal, which has been extremely comforting to their fans.

Rita Wilson even created a “quarantine playlist” and was nice enough to share it with us! How cool is that?!

The couples’ killer upbeat and positive attitude towards the whole situation has been a beacon of hope within the current media frenzy happening around us.

Well, folks, I am happy to report that after five days of hospitalization, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have both been released from the hospital!

The couple is now self quarantining themselves at their home in Australia and they are both set to make a full recovery!

I am sure that the couple will continue to update us on their recovery through social media. I even noticed that Rita Wilson added some new songs to her playlist this morning!

Remember to stay calm, stay home and wash your hands!