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Gather Round Sisters, The ColourPop x Disney Hocus Pocus Collection is Coming!

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ColourPop recently announced the ColourPop x Disney Hocus Pocus Collection and fans are super excited! This is for their Halloween collection and releases on September 30th, 2020.


I’m not even a makeup junkie and I want this collection for myself! They put so much thought into making every bit of this relevant to the theme of Hocus Pocus and the colors are amazing!

This is a fully licensed Disney collection and I bet it sells out fast! So make sure that you are ready on September 30th to snag it right away. There are 12 products in the collection.


It’s one palette that is themed around all three sisters. The packaging is amazing and so are all of the product names.


The ColourPop Gather Round Sisters Pressed Palette is $26 and is a 15 pan eyeshadow palette with the most amazing colors! Like seriously ah-mazing! It includes matte, shimmer, and metallic finishes to complete any look!


Shades included:

  • Full Moon
  • Hello, Salem
  • Brew Potion
  • Oh Toast
  • Coven
  • Come Little Children
  • Tis’ Firm
  • Thackery Bink
  • Yabbos
  • I Call It A Bus
  • Wench
  • Night of Frolic
  • Dead Man’s Toe
  • Bewitched
  • Goodbye Cruel World

The packaging has a black and orange foil design and the Black Flame Candle on both sides of the box, as well as the palette. Once you open it, it looks like a written spell with an aged vintage feel to it.

It’s all just a bunch of hocus pocus!


The ColourPop x Disney Hocus Pocus Collection has three lip kits to choose from. There is one that represents each one of the Sanderson Sisters. Each of the lip kits comes with a lip liner pencil and a lipstick that has an embossed spider. All of the lip colors are shades of red!

  • I Smell Children
  • I Put A Spell On You
  • I Am Beautiful

They also have three sets of false lashes as part of this amazing collection! Each set representing one of the sisters of course. You know, I’ve never tried false lashes before, and I am definitely a person that needs them.

  • Flirty Witch
  • Boss Witch
  • Clever Witch

No make-up look is complete without an amazing eyeliner right? The collection has Creme Gel Liner Eyeliner Pencils that come in 3 different shades.

  • Black Flame Candle – olive green
  • Trick or Treat – aubergine
  • Sistas! – metallic orange

Last but not least, are the gorgeous ColourPop Glitterally Obsessed Glitter Gels! They come in 2 shades.

  • Another Glorious Morning – gold, peach and silver glitter
  • Amok, Amok, Amok, Amok! – purple, red, blue, silver and pink glitter

I’m really feeling this, maybe it’s time someone taught me how to do makeup though… I’ll ask one of my kids! You can buy The ColourPop x Disney Hocus Pocus Collection starting on September 30th from ColourPop! I think I am most excited about the Sarah Lipstick! What about you?


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