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Robert Downey Jr. May Be Returning To The MCU Franchise As Iron Man And I’m So Excited

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My husband and I were JUST talking about how we are going to miss seeing Iron Man in the MCU films, and it appears the gods at Marvel have heard our cries!

Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment on YouTube

It is being reported that Robert Downey, Jr. might reprise his Iron Man roll in an upcoming Ironheart TV series, based on a genius MIT student who reverse engineers an Iron Man suit, and begins to fight crime like the badass she is.


Here is the kicker — Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) sees how great she is, and agrees to be her mentor, making an AI version of himself to guide her along.


So, does this mean that Downey, Jr. will make an appearance as the great mentor to a new and up-and-coming superhero? Will we just get his voice?

The answer is, we don’t know yet.


Reportedly, Robert Downey, Jr. was asking for a ton of money to reprise his role as Iron Man, but after his last movie flopped, he was more willing to negotiate pay.


Now, this doesn’t mean it is a for-sure deal. I mean, we are just in talks, and this is all rumor and third-party information.

BUT, if we believe what is being said, we may get more Tony Stark, and that makes me very happy.


MCU Spoiler Alert: You might remember that Tony sacrificed himself to save the world from Thanos in the last Marvel Film, Avengers: End Game. Pepper Potts even sent his heart floating away on the water.

But, this is the MCU. They have their ways. He can ALWAYS come back, and I’m hoping he does!! The world needs more Iron Man.

And, if you say any different, I’ll fight you. *Goofy Face Emoji*


If you haven’t seen Avenger’s: Endgame yet — well, you should PROBABLY watch the OTHER Marvel movies first, so you will understand what is going on — but you MUST see it!!

Here is a trailer for the movie below.

AND, have you heard about the new Nick Fury series on Disney+ starring Samuel L. Jackson? GAH!!! I am so stinkin’ excited about this bit of MCU news!!


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