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Walmart Just Announced Their Black Friday Plans. Here’s Everything We Know.

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Y’all. It’s we are running full-steam-ahead into the holiday season, ready or not! From gifts, to tasty goodies, to all the sappy Hallmark movies, BRING IT ON!

People are already thinking about Black Friday — you know, the Friday after Thanksgiving, when people go CRAZY over all the sales — and I’ll admit, I’m kind of excited for the rush!

Walmart is one company that has announced its plans for Black Friday, and it’s going to look a bit different this year than it has in the past. I mean, a LOT has changed since just last year’s Holiday season!

(If you would have told me exactly where we’d be THIS holiday season, and everything we had to go through to get here, I’d think you were NUTS!)

So, three things you will notice Walmart doing going into THIS holiday season is: more staff in the stores (does this mean all the checkout lanes will be open??), more online sales, and earlier holiday deals than in the past.

With all the crazy changes that have happened this year, people’s needs and wants are a little bit different than in years past, and those key needs and wants are going to be reflected in the merchandise in the stores.

You will see a shift to more active and sleepwear, more at-home exercise equipment, and more outdoor activity supplies. People LOVE them some social distanced camping!

There will also be more pet supplies, toys and items for home, including over 1,300 new toys introduced, more than 3 million pet beds and an increased availability on kitchen appliances.


We don’t know exactly when, but we are soon going to hear about EARLIER and MORE deals occuring online and in the stores, and my ears just perked up! SALES?!? Yes, please!

We’ve heard from our customers that many plan on starting their holiday shopping well before Black Friday and that they’re looking for gifts that fit their current lifestyle. So, we’ve adjusted our strategy to adapt to these new shopping preferences — we’re offering more of what they want now, earlier than ever, and all at the best prices.

Scott McCall, Walmart U.S. Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer

You had me at earlier and best prices!! Sign me up.

If you are looking for a part-time, seasonal job, you might want to consider hitting up your local Walmart. According to GMA, Walmart is planning to hire 20,000 seasonal employees to work through the first of January, and they are needing people to start within 48 hours of interviewing.

I certainly hope that Walmart has their contactless pickup option up and running through the holidays!! My Christmas shopping is about to get a WHOLE lot easier!

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