Australia Has Glow-in-the-Dark Roads So You Can See Better at Night and I Wish the U.S. Would Do the Same

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If you have trouble driving at night because of difficulties seeing the road ahead of you, you’re not the only one. 

A new invention typically found in kid’s toys now applies to the roads ahead when driving in Australia.

What’s called a Photoluminescent application, Australia has made the double middle and outer lines on one road glow-in-the-dark so you can see better at night!

The coating is able to illuminate at night because it absorbs and stores the light from the daytime, similarly to a glow-in-the-dark kid’s toy!

The creators behind the genius idea, Tarmac Linemarking from Victoria’s Gippsland in Australia have only tested the new idea on less than a one mile stretch of one road thus far in the state’s southeast.

Since the testing of that one road, John Emanuelli from Tarmac Linemarking has mentioned that he’s been approached by councils and business who are looking to illuminate more roads.

‘There’s been a lot of interest since the trial run, it’s a great product,’ he said to news.com.au.

John Emanuelli

The company not only believes it can aid with safety on the road at night, but they also believe that the product can be useful in dark parking lots, sidewalks, and even boat ramps.

However, the company also noted that during cloudy days the glow-in-the-dark lines would be less noticeable versus a sunny day but, the glow would be at its strongest during the dangerous dusk periods.

‘This treatment will make it easier for drivers to see the linemarkings or signage and provide stronger definition coming up to intersections and curves, giving drivers more time to react and preventing them from veering from their lane,’ said Regional Roads Victoria to news.com.au.

John Emanuelli

Since the images were shared from Tarmac Linemarking via Facebook, the collection of photos have gone viral with nearly 100k shares on just one post alone debuting the new neon roads!

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