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‘Santa’s Trash’ Cookies Are This Year’s Hottest Holiday Baking Trend

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It’s never too early to start planning for the holidays, right?

Well, if you are actively thinking of what holiday cookies you’ll be making this year, I’ve got the cookie just for you and for Santa!


‘Santa’s Trash’ Cookies Are This Year’s Hottest Holiday Baking Trend and I am totally down to bake them!


Santa’s Trash Cookies are a holiday cookie that are stuffed with chocolate chips, sprinkles, pretzels, and potato chips! Yes, potato chips for the perfect salty-sweet dessert!


Some people go as far to put in things like M&M’s, peppermint candy pieces, sprinkles and even nuts.


The beauty of this cookie is that you can take any traditional cookie recipe and add any mix-ins you want. They are supposed to weird and well, trashy ha!


They’ve sort of become a craze all over social media and I seriously cannot wait to make them!


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  1. How do you get cookies to stay soft and chewy, mine always turn out flat and hard!

    1. It’s the butter you use, and pull them from the oven before they turn brown.

    2. Put a piece of bread in the container you store them in. Usually put a new piece in every 1-2 days. Keeps the cookies soft.

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