People Are Finding A Secret Hack To Remote Start Their Car Using Their Key Fob

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I don’t think I’ve ever ran so fast in my life to give this a try!

It’s no secret that lots of cars these days have remote start but did you know that you may have remote start without actually knowing it?

While some cars come equipped with a key fob that has a special button to remote start their car, others are realizing they have a remote start but have it find it out the hard (and secret) way.

Secret Hack To Remote Start Your Car

Start by grabbing your key fob and go stand near your car.

Click the “lock” button twice quickly and then click it a third time but this time, hold the button down.

So, it’d be “lock”, “lock”, “lock and hold”.

If your car has the secret remote start, your lights may flash and then your car will start remotely.

Your car will be started but if you go to open any of the doors, the car will shut off.

Now, keep in mind, you may have a remote start without actually knowing this. While it’s working for most people trying it, it’s not working for all.

So, give this remote start hack a try and you may be pleasantly surprised!

You can watch a video on how to secretly remote start your car here.

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