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You Can Get A Tent That Easily Attaches to the Back of Your Car So You Can Literally Camp Anywhere

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It’s safe to say that not everyone enjoys the classic log cabin while camping and sometimes the RV feels more like you brought a house in the middle of the woods rather than truly camping outdoors.

So if you don’t prefer the creepy log cabin or own an RV, you can attach a tent to the back of your car so you can still roast marshmallows by the fire and cook bacon and eggs camping style.

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What’s dubbed the TailVeil, this half tent lets you camp with just your car!

Not to mention it’s also specifically designed to let you sit outdoors without being bothered by mosquitoes.

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Thanks to the netting that surrounds this tent, you can relax outdoors without having to deal with those pesky flying bugs because let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than waking up to a handful of bites.

Doesn’t a camping trip without mosquitoes truly sound relaxing?

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With the back of your trunk open, the TailVeil directly attaches to the rear end of your car which gives you a designated spot to lay or sit above ground and away from the dirt.

Omitting the use of pools (you can now breathe in with a sigh of relief), the TailVeil attaches snug on the top of your trunk door while staying in place with stakes to secure all corners.

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And when Mother Nature doesn’t corporate and rains on your camping trip, this tent also includes a large tarp so you and your family stay completely dry.

Although if you’re typically not the one to camp and we get it, this half tent can also be used for tailgating events, sports games, etc!

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Oh, and did I mention that you don’t need a truck or a minivan to utilize this tent because the TailVeil works with nearly any sized car!

So consider your next camping trip a breeze as it should be.

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You can currently find the TailVeil tent online at Amazon so you can camp all summer long.

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