People Believe Shakira and Tom Cruise Are Dating After The Two Have Been Spotted Hanging Out

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All eyes are currently on Shakira and Tom Cruise.

Shakira and Tom Cruise have currently captured the internet and that’s because there’s speculation on whether or not the two may have a budding romance.

Courtesy of @shakira

According to WMagazine, the two are rumored to be dating.

I mean the two were recently spotted together, so maybe the rumors are true?

While their status together is currently unknown, both Shakira and Tom were spotted at the F1 Miami Grand Prix from a TikTok video which has led to even more speculation from fans.

Courtesy of @juliettedays

And there’s the fact that the two even posed for several pictures next to one another.

Of course nothing has been confirmed (yet) from either party, but you can say there might be love in the air after looking at their smiles from the photos they took together!

Courtesy of @juliettedays

After photos and videos of the two went viral, you can say that the internet did not see this coming and fans are so surprised!

“Get away from her” and “stay away from her” trending because there are reports tom cruise wants to date shakira is sending me, one Twitter user wrote.”

Courtesy of @juliettedays

Although the two stars could just been hanging out together as friends?

Maybe, maybe not.

Courtesy of @juliettedays

Do you think Tom Cruise and Shakira are secretly dating?

Check out these images people have been sharing online of the two together below and see what you think!

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