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You Can Get A Black Raven Skull Candle To Give Your Home All The Spooky Halloween Vibes This Year

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If you’re looking for something different this Halloween, I’ve totally found it!

When it comes to Halloween, most people immediately think of human skulls and bones, but animal skulls fit into the spooky mix just perfectly.


This scented raven animal skull candle has a highly detailed cranium, eye orbits, bones, and beak.

Just imagine how amazing this would look with your gothic-style decorations, whether it’s Halloween or not!


These raven skull candles are scented with a mysterious spa forest scent and would look perfect pretty much anywhere in the home.


The Raven Skull Candle Set comes with a candle that looks like a Raven skull, as well as two black votive candles to display and burn along with it.


It will even burn for more than 12 hours, so you can stretch that out over several days around Halloween to have your level of Halloween esthetic boosted.


The details into the raven are unique, I won’t be burning it cause I love the detail so much. The smell helped me feel better, very impressive.

I plan to buy another set for burning only soon because this first set will be decor only. It is packaged so nicely and the free poster is a really lovely detail. Highly recommended to any spooky goth lover.

Kyu chan – Amazon customer review

This would make a perfect gift for the person that loves Halloween, horror, gothic stuff, witchy things, or even your favorite emo kid.


Maybe place it on a bookshelf next to your Edgar Allan Poe collection, or mixed in with a display of other oddities.

You can buy your own Raven Skull Candle Set on Amazon right now!


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