Pumpkin Smoke Bombs Are The New Halloween Trend and I Need One In Every Color

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Pumpkin smoke bombs are the crazy cool new Halloween trend.

Move over boring tea-lit pumpkins because Pumpkin Smoke Bombs Are The New Way to Celebrate Halloween and I need to make one in every color!

The pumpkin smoke bombs are just regular carved pumpkins

With a colored smoke bomb inside.

Then of course, people are taking photos with them because they are so cool looking!

Unfortunately, the colored smoked doesn’t last longer than a few minutes but while it’s going, its all sorts of colored fun!

I am totally planning to get some and take pictures of my kids with these. I want one in every color! If you do too, you can grab a 6-pack of Smoke Bombs on Amazon here.

You can check out a cool video below.

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