This Interactive Map Shows You How Many Cargo Ships Are Waiting To Be Unloaded Causing Massive Supply Shortages

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It looks like a zoomed out version of someone who has chickenpox.

But nope – it’s actually a interactive, live map of cargo ships that are filled with all sorts of supplies that we import to the U.S and other countries.

Yes, supplies that we so desperately need due to supply shortages across the U.S.

Now, you might be wondering why all of these “dots” which represents a cargo ship, is just sitting there. Turns out, these cargo ships can’t seem to be unloaded fast enough due to labor shortages.

Simply put — there just isn’t enough people working to get these cargo ships unloaded and loaded into trucks and planes to distribute across the U.S.

And that in return is causing food items to spoil and further hurting the supply chain.

That is also what is causing the increase in costs. It’s supply and demand, when the supply goes down but the demand goes up, the price goes up as well.

Experts are predicting things are about to get a lot worse as the cold weather comes further slowing things down. Let’s just hope that isn’t the case.

You can check out the interactive map of cargo ships here.

Photos courtesy of Deposit Photos.

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