Starbucks Released New Halloween Mugs and They Are Scary Good

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Last night I made a late-night run to Target without the kids and what did I find? New Halloween Mugs at Starbucks!

Yes, I got them and they are scary good – like so good you need one of each!

These limited edition halloween mugs are ceramic coffee mugs. One is entirely white with a skull engraved onto the front:

The other is an entirely black mug with a spiderweb engraved on the front:

It’s the perfect way to celebrate Halloween without being over the top.


Both mugs go hand-in-hand so really, you just need to get one of each.


The mugs are $9.95 each and are found inside Target Starbucks locations (although they may be in Starbucks stores as well).

While you are there, don’t forget to order some of our secret menu drinks or to try to snag other Starbucks Halloween cups.


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