Here’s How To Order The (Inspired) Jack And Sally Frappuccinos

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‘Tis the season for The Nightmare Before Christmas EVERYTHING!

Credit: Disney

Jack and Sally, our favorite couple that’s simply meant to be, have secured themselves a spot on the famed Starbucks Secret Menu.

Here is everything you need to know to order your YOUR (Inspired) Jack and Sally Frappuccinos!

The Jack Skellington Frappuccino

This drink is very pumpkiny, a little sweet, a little dirty (there’s a shot of espresso), and extra spicy (think Chai Tea).

To order this Frappuccino, you need to ask for: A Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino with a shot of Chai Syrup, and a shot of espresso.

Make sure you tell them you want mocha drizzle in the cup!

You want the drink topped with whipped cream and java chips.

That’s it! A drink fit for a Pumpkin King!

If pumpkin flavor isn’t your thing, go for the sweet taste of the Sally Frappucino!

The Sally Frappuccino

This drink tastes just like a strawberry shortcake fell into a delicious puddle of caramel!

To order this Frappuccino, simply ask for: A Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with Matcha Powder.

Make sure to get caramel syrup drizzle in the cup.

Top the frappuccion with whipped cream, strawberry puree, and strawberry inclusions (pieces of freeze-dried strawberries).

There you have it. Perhaps the best frappuccino you will ever taste … if you love strawberries like I do!

If you want to try even more creepy cool beverages, try the Frankenstein Frappuccino or the IT Frappuccino. You simply won’t regret it!!


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  1. I got.the pumpkin frappachino.from.star bucks the other day it was goood

  2. With the Sally one do you have to put strawberries on it

  3. How would I order the jack one but not pumpkin flavor? I’d rather hve Carmel. Lol. Would that be possible?

  4. The Sally is totally my new Favorite ? Absolutely Delicious ?? I highly suggest these!!! Thank You ?

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