People Are Building Chicken Coops That Look Exactly Like KFC Restaurants

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KFC as you might already know after biting into one of their spicy chicken sandwiches is known for their famous crispy chicken that are simply finger lickin’ good.

Courtesy of @kfc

Considering the popular eatery is home of one of the best chicken sandwiches on the market, a few social media users have taken the liberty to design their chicken coops, as KFC restaurants.

Oh, the irony.

A few creative chicken owners who have turned their chicken coops into what looks like very similar KFC restaurants, using the fast food restaurant’s color scheme and one that even includes a drive-thru.

Courtesy of Donald Guhy

Facebook user Jackie Achilles who posted her viral KFC chicken coop, built a drive-thru window that offers one dozen “butt nuggets” for $5.

Courtesy of @Jackie Achilles

Reddit user @u/bestguguy shared his KFC chicken coop that even included the founder’s face plastered right on the front.

Courtesy of @u/bestguguy

While some of these KFC chicken coops have two floors while others feature a drive-thru, let’s just keep the chicken sandwich making to the professionals over at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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