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You Can Get A Sam’s Club Membership For Less Than $8 Right Now. Here’s How.

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It’s been a while since I have had a membership to Sam’s Club and we had been talking about renewing our membership again.

Sam’s Club

I’ve been going back and forth looking for the best deal, and today I found it… but I don’t know how long it will last, so if you want in, now is the time!

Sam’s Club always has great meat and produce, and I love the ability to buy in bulk for my busy and full household.

Sam’s Club

You can shop in-store, online, and even from your mobile devices throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Right now they have a deal on a 1-year membership for the price of $19.99, however, it ends up costing you much less once you figure in the freebies attached.

Sam’s Club

Once you purchase the $19.99 Sam’s Club membership you will receive an activation voucher in your email.

In that activation email, there are also instructions on redeeming a free Rotisserie Chicken (a $4.84 value) and 8-count Gourmet Cupcakes (a $7.98 value).

Sam’s Club

You will also be able to add another member of your household to the membership so that they have their own membership card.

You’ll have access to perks such as free curbside pickup, which is so helpful for people like me that have chronic illnesses and disabilities.

Sam’s Club

They also have a Scan & Go™ contact-free checkout option, this is a new feature that they did not have when I was previously a member.

This deal is for new Sam’s Club memberships only and is not valid on membership renewals.

The normal price for a 1-year membership to Sam’s Club is $57.96 so this is an amazing saving even without the freebies!

Once you deduct the price of the Rotisserie Chicken and 8-count Gourmet Cupcakes from the $19.99, that makes your 1-year membership only costs $7.17!

Sam’s Club

If you’ve been considering getting a membership, this is a perfect time!

You can get the deal here, but hurry before they end it!

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