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This Photographer Caught Thousands Of Fireflies On Film And It Is Absolutely Magical

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I am in love with nature. Everywhere you look is natural art to enjoy!

Daniel Kordan, a Russian Landscaping Photographer captured these AMAZING pictures of fireflies in Japan and I am mesmerized!

These were taken at the height of hotaru (firefly) season in Japan, which happens around June and July! You are incredibly lucky if you are able to catch such an amazing sight as this!

“I felt like a kid looking for the first time in my life at a Christmas tree! It was so exciting and enchanting, like magic. At a certain moment, the fireflies synchronize and start blinking synchronously. Yellow-green flashes light up the forest with dim light, and for a few milliseconds you can see mysterious shrines and the dreamy bamboo forest.”

Daniel Kordan, to ModernNet

“Fireflies are very sensitive to ecological conditions. Unfortunately, they are not the best in the last few years, so it’s starting to be very challenging to find fireflies. Sometimes it’s just two or three days when they light up. And you can find this information only among local photographers. So try to establish relations with local photographers to have insight on when and where to see the fireflies.”

Daniel Kordan, to ModernNet

These are absolutely stunning and I’m so glad he was able to capture nature’s beauty!

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