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Individually Wrapped Oreo Brownies Exist and Now My Life Is Complete

Maybe you’ve accidentally mixed two favorite foods that has now become a ritual routine when looking for a late night snack, or while mixing two sweets together, you found the beauty between the two.

Courtesy of @oreo

Considering Mrs. Freshley’s has done the exact same while mixing two sweets together, the Oreo brownie was born!

Everything that usually comes baked in a sheet pan of brownies plus stuffed with Oreo cookie pieces, this bite of a brownie needs a tall glass of cold milk to wash down the heavenly and rich taste.

Courtesy of Mrs. Freshley’s

Individually wrapped, combining crunchy Oreo chunks with soft brownie bites, this snack is the perfect dessert to satisfy a sweet tooth, or two.

A snack that is not made to be split in half or shared, Mrs. Freshley’s Oreo brownies can be found at your local Walmart.

Courtesy of @junkfoodinthetrunk3