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Betty White Is Nearing Her 100th Birthday and We Must Protect Her At All Costs

America’s favorite Grandma, Betty White, is nearing her 100th birthday and we must protect her at all costs.

The queen of entertainment and quite possibly, everything is nearing 100 years old.

I can’t even begin to imagine the amazing life she has had.

She truly is an inspiration and from what I’ve read/heard, she is one of the best people we can ever have hoped to walk this Earth.

With that being said, WE MUST PROTECT HER.

Protect her from the pandemic.

Protect her from anyone that wants to cause her harm. We just have to.

Betty White’s official 100th birthday is January 17, 2022 and it really isn’t that far away.

We hope that Betty has an amazing upcoming birthday and has many years of happiness and health to come.

The good thing is, Betty White says Hot Dogs and Vodka are her secret to living such a long and healthy life. Ha I love that so much!