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This Vinyl Kitchen Conversion Chart Goes On The Inside Of Your Cupboard For Easy Cooking Reminders

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You can get a Kitchen Conversion Reminder that goes right on the inside of one of your kitchen cabinet doors, and this is genius!


I wouldn’t consider myself a chef, by any means, but I do a LOT of cooking for members of my family.

You would think I have all the cooking conversions memorized, but I’m just not that organized in life.

I have to pull up my cheat sheets every single time I have to cut down recipes and convert Cups to Teaspoons or Pints to Ounces.

There’s nothing wrong with pulling up these cheat sheets, but it can get a bit tedious — especially when you are in the middle of a recipe, and you have to stop what you’re doing to get out the conversion chart.

This Kitchen Conversion Chart makes cutting down your recipes as easy as opening a kitchen cabinet!


Love this item! So cute and so easy to install. I love that I was able to position each item exactly as I wanted. This will be very helpful in my kitchen. Thank you!

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These Kitchen Conversion Charts are made of vinyl stickers that you simply stick in the place that’s best for you. I put mine inside one of my kitchen cabinets, but they are pretty enough to use as a kitchen wall decoration.


They are removable, but not reusable, which is GREAT if you are needing to move. You don’t have to scrape and repaint anything!

You can choose to get JUST the utensil decorations, JUST the chart, JUST the mason jars, or you can go ahead and get the entire shabang — that’s what I did!


These vinyl decals are great to have useful information and frequently needed information at your finger tips! Whether you are making a small batch of rice, or doubling the guacamole dip, get these labels in your cabinet.


The vinyl Kitchen Reminders start at $2.69, but it depends on what you want to get. You can get it ALL for $14.50!

You can get your own Kitchen Measurement and Equivalent Conversion Chart Decal Set from the TeacherBresShop on Etsy.


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