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You Can Get ‘Elf’ Crocs To Spread That Christmas Cheer

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If you don’t like these Crocs you are a straight-up Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins.

There really isn’t a more iconic Christmas movie than Elf. Try and prove me wrong.

New Line Cinema

And, now you can get Elf Crocs to help lift the holiday spirits of everyone in town.

It’s the second best way to spread Christmas cheer — the first, of course, being singing loud for all to hear. *Winky Emoji*


Treat every day like Christmas with our limited-edition Elf Classic Lined Clogs.


These fuzz-lined Crocs look just like the green Christmas outfit that Buddy Elf wears on the daily, and they are adorbs!!

You also get Elf-themed Jibbitz™ charms included with your purchase, so you can really zhuzh up your Elf Croc shoes in the most Christmassy way possible.


Of course, being Crocs, these shoes are incredibly light-weight and totally water friendly.

They are super easy to clean and breathable, just like you’d expect from Crocs shoes.


I loved the attention to detail that Crocs has shown with these Elf shoes.

Check out that buckle back strap. Gah!! I love it!


You can get your pair of Elf Crocs for $75 for a limited time.

To get your own Elf Christmas Crocs, just head on over to the Crocs website.

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