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You Can Get A Galaxy Colored Fluorite Skull And I Must Have It

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This has got to be one of the most beautiful and unique skull pieces I have ever come across!


The skull is made of 100% natural quartz crystal rock that is Rainbow Flourite, and the colors are magnificent!


I think it would make an amazingly unique gift for anyone that loves rocks, crystals, and skulls… plus there are benefits that come from this crystal!


Rainbow fluorite is a natural, multi-colored fluorite crystal that exhibits a combination of color including purple, blue, yellow, green etc. This gemstone is said to have strong therapeutic powers that protect the wearer from negative thoughts, bad health and depression.


Negative thoughts, bad health, depression?? Those are all me… I think I need this!


The Rainbow Flourite Skull weighs about 60g and is about 2 inches in size.

Since these are made with 100% natural crystals, size and weights will vary.


Also, the coloring on each skull will be slightly different from those shown in the images since this is a natural stone used in the creation.


The seller was amazing! Fast responding and allowed me to pick out my own skull out of the stock they had! 

Becky Lynn – Etsy customer review

You can buy your own gorgeous and unique Rainbow Flourite Skull from anlincrystal on Etsy!


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