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Have You Ever Wondered What A Cow Looks Like When It’s Washed and Blowdried?

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It was a surprising discovery when miniature, fluffy cows were discovered, considering they looked like tiny ponies with all of that hair and apparently, mom and dad can be fluffy now too!

Courtesy of @wildchildfarm

Maybe your cousin’s a farmer or you grew up on the wide open spaces so you might already know that adult cows can be washed and blowdried to the point where they look incredibly fluffy!

Courtesy of @chantelleef

No seriously, photos that have captured the moment of cows getting groomed have gone viral on social media since these cows who have just got a new hairdo look like they have expanded twice their size!

Courtesy of @chantelleef

Similar to some dogs who get fancy haircuts at the doggy salon and partake in competitions, these photographed cows look as if they’re also entering a contest to win a grand prize of looking the best at the animal show.

Courtesy of @shade.of.may

Apparently shampooing, conditioning, and blowdrying makes not only humans but animals look that much better too.

Courtesy of @jmbpositivity

Since cows are so friendly, who wouldn’t want to take one home or run up to one who was just freshly groomed to pet!

Courtesy of @chantelleef

Their blowdried fur is oddly similar to the soft fuzz on a peach and its no wonder why social media users are excited over these cows who just took a bath considering they’re so cute, they require a double take to make sure they’re real.

Courtesy of @sophies_world11

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