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Walmart Is Selling Ice Cream Stuffed Cupcakes That Are Perfect for Your Next Celebration

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There’s truly nothing better than ice cream cake.

Try and prove me wrong.

There’s just something about a frozen cake filled with ice cream that you can usually find by the pint.

And don’t even get me started on the tiny crumble pieces you typically find in the middle that truly makes the cake.

Courtesy of Walmart

So when it comes down to any celebration that calls for cake with something sweet written on the top, you can never go wrong with one that’s stuffed with ice cream.

Inspired by ice cream cake, you can now get a version of the popular celebratory dessert expect this product is smaller and can be eaten with your fingers rather than a fork.

Courtesy of Walmart

That’s right, you can now find ice cream cupcakes in the frozen aisle in three different flavors.

Featuring cupcakes that are stuffed with the three classic ice cream flavors, you can expect strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate filled cupcakes at your next birthday party.

Courtesy of Walmart

Not to mention each one is also decorated with jimmies and frosting, because what’s a cupcake without the appropriate toppings?

Courtesy of Walmart

You can find the ice cream cupcakes at Walmart nationwide now!

Walmart Supercenter Vidor – North Main St

Now the only difficult decision you have to make is to decide whether or not you prefer the chocolate, strawberry or vanilla stuffed ice cream cupcakes.

Courtesy of Walmart

Just kidding, who’s to say we can’t get all three!

It looks like there is something better than ice cream cake after all.

Courtesy of Walmart

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