10 Must Haves for your Baby Go Bag

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New moms have it rough. Between a lack of sleep, constantly checking in on your new human, and still having to accomplish things in your normal life, trying to stay organized on top of everything is sometimes asking too much.

The thing is, a lot of moms don’t realize how easy the whole organization thing can be. I recommend having a ‘go bag’ for your baby. I mean, we’ve all got our diaper bags that we lug around everywhere…they’re mini survival kits. But this is different and trust me when I tell you it’s super important to keep these 10 ‘must haves’ in your baby ‘go bag’.

Plus, if you shop at Sam’s Club, you can get all of the quality items you need for your entire family (in the bulk sizes you’ll be looking for) and save money on gas, all at one place.

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So here’s what happened: I was two months into the whole ‘new mommy’ business when an emergency came up and I had to have my bestie come take baby for the night. Not a problem, right? I sent her with the diaper bag, we were good to go. Not so much. I’d forgotten to repack the diapers. Now I’m not saying it was catastrophic that she had to take my baby to the grocery store at 2:00 in the morning, but I’d rather they didn’t have to go through it. After that, I picked up a new diaper bag next time I was at Sam’s Club…one that stayed packed for emergencies, and kept it as a ‘go bag’ for whenever someone other than me had to take baby.

Babysitters, grandparents, aunts/uncles…Keeping that bag stocked was the smartest thing I ever did as a new mom. Here’s a list of 10 essentials for your go-bag. Good luck!

10 Must Haves for your Baby Go Bag:

1. Ten diapers – Probably the number one thing in any baby bag has to be diapers…Huggies for us. And for your ‘go bag’ the easiest way to keep it stocked is when you go up a size, just take out the old ones and replace them with new. You can still use the old ones until they’re gone, but your bag will always have enough. And why 10? Because it’s always better to have more than not enough…

2. Wipes – A new box. It doesn’t have to be the big one, but just enough to keep baby clean. I used to buy my Huggies wipes in bulk, so popping a box in there was no problem. (FYI, membership is only $45 and SO worth the price! Everything in your go-bag can be found there. Plus, you can spend more time with your baby, and family, at home when you shop at SamsClub.com. Talk about convenience!).

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3. Change of Clothes – One day outfit and one sleep outfit is perfect for this. And again, as baby grows, just change out the outfits. These don’t have to be the cutest of the cute…just backups.

4. Ointments, etc – You can get travel sizes for this. Make sure and get ointment, Johnson & Johnson baby powder, baby wash, shampoo, and anything else you use on baby on a daily basis.

5. List of numbers – Your numbers, emergency contacts, your baby’s pediatrician, and insurance numbers are perfect for this list.

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6. Bottles, formula, etc – Again, this is the go bag, so make it a new bottle and a container of unopened formula (or food or whatever)…just something to make sure baby can eat if she gets hungry. Lemme tell you, though…those little food pouches are Amazing. They last for so long and because they aren’t glass you don’t have to worry about them breaking in the bag. And…no spoon so no need to worry about clean up.

7. Pacifier – This one is tough, since baby tends to get very attached to one, but I’d still include a spare to be safe.

8. Two burp cloths – Or little cloths of some sort for when baby spits-up or needs to be wiped clean. And two because inevitably the second you use one, you’re going to need the other. Also, I’d recommend keeping the clothes inside Ziplock bags…that way, when it’s messy whoever has baby can tuck the dirty cloth in, zip it up, and you’re ready to wash when they get back home.

9. Swaddling blanket – Just like with the pacifier babies tend to have their preferences, but send an extra just in case. Better to be warm than sorry…

10. Cash – $20 bucks. That way if something else does come up, hopefully you’ll have it covered.

Sams Club

Pretty easy, right? And when the ‘go-bag’ makes it back home, you restock it with the same 10 things, stuff it into the hall closet, and leave it there until next time. And the cool thing about shopping at Sam’s Club is that you can keep a list of your go-bag items online with their Club Pickup feature and click to order them all at once. All you have to do is go and pick them up.

I LOVED my go-bag. Not having to think about if the diaper bag was stocked as it headed out the door made things easier on all of us. Plus, I always knew she was covered…no matter who she was with.

Here’s another amazing Sam’s Club exclusive bonus: When you join, you’ll get $80 in instant savings on pretty much everything in your go bag. So you’re more than paying for the membership AND everything in your bag just for joining.

Good luck, new mommies and remember…organization doesn’t have to be hard, as long as you plan ahead. Have Fun!

Sams Club

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This post was sponsored by Sam’s Club, however, the text and opinions are all my own.

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