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I’m not very good at making friends.

Well, that isn’t exactly true, I am okay at making them–I’m just not very good at keeping them. You see, friendships take work. You have to call people, send thank you cards, bring them meal when they’re sick–you know be a friend. And, since I suck, I hardly ever do any of this. So my friendships usually fade away, and it’s just sort of whatever.

I was thinking about this yesterday when I ran into my online friend, Holly.

Thing is, I talk to Holly via the internet all the time. We chat about our kids–if she’s having a bad day I send her a shout out (that’s pretty much the internet equivalent of making someone a casserole), and she does the same for me.

This internet friendship is a whole different kind of friendship, except that, in this case– I’ve met Holly.

We haven’t seen each other in person a lot or anything, but when we do, it’s not awkward or weird like it would be with a new friendship, it’s like we’ve been hanging out a few times a week for over a year, because we actually have. Just we did it online.

So, is Holly a real life friend or an online one? I don’t know–I mean, I met her online, and that’s where we have the majority of our interaction, but I’ve also had drinks with her, so does that change things? Should that change things? Does that even need to change things or does it matter what kind of friend she is?

So, tell me, online friends– are we really friends, or are is it just not the same?

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