Jessica Simpson Just Shared Her First Photo of Her New Baby and Now My Ovaries Hurt

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Earlier this month Jessica Simpson gave birth to new daughter Birdie and until now, her identity has remained a mystery.


Jessica Simpson Just Shared Her First Photo of Her New Baby Girl and OMG my ovaries hurt from all the cuteness.

On March 20th, Jessica gave birth to a healthy baby girl and she teased us on Instagram posting a small glimpse of the new bundle of joy.

But today, after turning a month old and celebrating her first Easter, the world finally gets to see adorable Birdie.

Jessica posted this on Instagram:

OMG the cuteness!!

Everything about this photo is perfection. I love the dress and those at those chunky cheeks!!

And that hair! OMG!

“Birdie Mae Johnson” the caption reads, which by the way, is her name.

Here is another adorable picture Jessica shared with Maxi Drew (Birdie’s older sister) and look at the adorable matching dresses!!

And can we just take a minute to say that Jessica has an adorable family!

Jessica looks great after having a baby just a month ago!–I/?utm_source=ig_embed

I’m so happy for her sweet little family and wish them all the best!

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