I Have So Many Questions About Jessica Simpson’s Baby Name

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Don’t get me wrong, I am all about weird names for kids, I find them unique and exciting.

In fact, all 3 of my kids have unique, non-traditional names.

However, after hearing what Jessica Simpson decided to name her baby, I found myself scratching my head because I am a little confused on why she chose the name she did.

I mean, it’s cute in a way – it’s cute for the birds… literally.

Who am I kidding? It’s adorable.

Earlier today, Jessica Simpson gave birth to her 3rd child, a baby girl weighing 10 lbs., 13 oz. and she has yet to share an actual picture of her baby girl.


She did however share her new baby’s name…

Birdie Mae Johnson.

And I just have so many questions…

What made her decide to choose that name?

What is her nickname going to be?

What happens when her daughter learns to say “birdie”, will she be referring to a bird or herself?

I am not trying to be judgmental, I am just genuinely curious as to why she decided to name her that…

Upon searching, I found out that I wasn’t the only one curious about the unusual name.

Turns out that Jessica had that name planned all along…

In honor of her daughter on the way, Simpson threw a “Birdie’s Nest” baby shower back in January, revealing her baby girl’s name in the process, that was complete with a neon sign and whimsical table settings encouraging guests to “stuff your beaks.”


“The shower was a bird’s nest theme to celebrate Birdie,” the source added, explaining that “Birdie is a family name” on the singer’s side.

Aw that totally makes more sense.

And it’s totally cute.

Name aside, I wish Jessica all the best with her new babe and we cannot wait to see that sweet face when she decides to share her with the world. <3

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  1. I almost named my daughter Birdie! Everyone hated it. It’s actually a nice southern name. Anyone seen Hope Floats?!?! It’s a name and originated in the 1920’s and is rising in popularity. My husband and I caught so much slack for it we named our daughter Adelynn and got a puppy shot tzu we named Birdie. So jealous that jessica had the guts to do it! Birdie is an awesome sweet and wonderfully southern (Texan) name!!!

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