PSA for Parents: The Amount of Sugar in the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake is Shocking

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One of the luckiest drinks is back on the menu at McDonald’s, but you may want to think twice before slurping the brightly colored shake.

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The fan favorite drink that returns near the beginning of March is loved by many because not only does it taste good, but it looks even better.

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The eye-catching drink that is unlike its competition simply because of the mint green color is topped with whipped cream and served in a Frappuccino cup, a beverage that dare I say it, almost tastes as good as Starbucks.

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Although, other than its good looks and the sparkling green color, the Shamrock Shake is incredibly unhealthy especially for kids, the target audience of this so called ‘lucky’ shake.

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A public service announcement for all parents, here’s how much sugar the Shamrock Shake really has.

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More than an entire Hershey’s bar or one soft serve vanilla ice cream cone at the golden arches, the Shamrock Shake has both sweet treats beaten by a handful.

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So How Much Sugar Does the Shamrock Really Have In It?

The shamrock shake in total, has a whopping 93 grams of sugar in one cup and let me remind you that the daily sugar intake recommended is only 25 grams.

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So the next time you’re in the drive thru and your kids are begging for the neon colored drink, avoid this drink at all costs because it’s simply not worth it.

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